CEO Today Business Women of the Year Awards

Can you tell us more about the hard work that was behind this recognition? When I started with Bouchier in the fall of 2004, I traded my business suit for a pair of steel toe boots and a safety vest, not really understanding much about the field, contract management and running a business. This award meant recognition of a ‘job well done’ over the past 15 years. It signified learning on the ground each and every day, and growing an organization into one of the largest local contractors in our region. How did your work on the boards of non-profit organisations such as the Keyano College Foundation and the Athabasca University Board of Governors begin? It started early. My family values growing up and time spent as a Stakeholder Relations Advisor throughout my 20’s really taught me the importance of giving back and the impact your contribution could make for non-profit organizations within the community. Sitting on various not-for- profit boards and volunteering my time has always been a priority for me. It helps balance out the work-home life, keeping a focus on what matters to you personally. What philosophy do you live and lead by? I live by quotes and sayings; it’s the little words that keep you motivated and moving forward. I am a big believer in doing the right thing, in the right way – always finding a way to not only see the good in everything but realizing most circumstances are just simply out of your control. A positive outlook will always get you a lot further to achieving your dreams. I am committed to making the most of what has been presented and showing those I care about the potential in life. What processes are involved in the effort to retain Aboriginal culture? Would you say that more work needs to be done for this cause? I would agree that a lot more work needs to be done in focusing efforts on advancing aboriginal people and their lives in our communities. For us, retaining a family-oriented culture, focused on enriching the lives of aboriginal people and the communities in which we live and work has been a priority since the first day. It was important to us that, although we were a growing business and finding our bearings, we never lost sight of where we came from and how we can Q Q Q Q 24 CEO Today Business Women of the Year Awards 2019 CANADA

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