CEO Today - Business Women Awards 2022

Throughout my 27—year career, I have been fortunate to advise and work on hundreds of transactions valued in excess of $500M. I meet with over 100 executives a year, advising clients from startups to members of the Fortune 50 on a range of engagements within audit, tax and advisory, as well as corporate governance, sales, marketing, digital transformation, key account management, ESG, DE&I, risk management and talent management. I also have extensive industry experience in financial services, technology, and media, as well as with capital markets, IPOs, SPACs, and public and private companies. Additionally, I serve as the global client service partner for Fortune 50 clients and as the Leadership Partner on several of GT’s high—value clients of strategic significance to the firm. These responsibilities are the continuation of a decades—long career which has included awide variety of roles, including National Managing Partner of Markets, Clients & Industry, Senior Client Advisor to F500 clients, National Banking & Securities Industry Leader, New York Territory Markets & Industry Leader, and Partner in Charge of New York – Downtown. I have also served on the firm’s Partnership Board. For the last decade, I’ve been the executive sponsor of GT’s strategic relationship with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and GT’s C—Suite and Corporate Director programs. On a personal note, I am a CPA, an NACD Board Leadership Fellow, an investor, advisor, and coach to entrepreneurs. I serve on the Audit Committee of the Consumer Technology Association – the host of the Consumer Electronics Show – The University of Texas at Austin Accounting Advisory Board, and the US Chamber of Commerce Corporate Governance / Capital Markets Advisory Board. I am also honored to serve as the executive sponsor of GT’s Veterans and Allies Business Resource Group (BRG). When I’m not at work, I enjoy volunteering with my husband and two amazing children. We have a particular penchant for working withMeals onWheels and Students &Athletes Serving Others. What is GT doing to empower women in the workplace? Above all else, our firm ismeetingwomenwhere they’re at while striving for equity in every facet of our firm. That work takes many forms. For example, we recently enhanced the career development programs and benefits we offer to improve our support of long—term career planning, mentoring, leadership development, networking, and health and wellness, as well as childcare and eldercare. We buttressed those benefits with new offerings like subsidies for tutoring and meal delivery. Each of these new or enhanced benefits was the result of active listening, a tool that has become especially vital during the COVID—19 pandemic. We know women face distinctive challenges at home and at work, so we asked them, “What support do you need that you don’t have right now?” Then, we listened and took action to drive change. It sounds simple, but of course, the true challenge is scale: When your organization boasts over 9,000 members, how do you make sure you are equipping and empowering all women to achieve their goals and attain the work—life balance your employees need? We implemented various strategies through our BRGs: engaging, employee—led communities comprised of colleagues who care deeply about one another and the challenges they face. For example, our Women & Allies BRG and our Working Parents BRG both provide vital support systems, sounding boards, and collaborative problem—solving communities for our professionals. Furthermore, at the beginning of the pandemic, we began rolling out monthly playbooks to local office leaders so they could support working parents and other professionals contending with challenges at work and at home. Working toward widespread empowerment and true equity is a long process in which we are engaged every single day. We do this seminal work by amplifying our colleagues in every sense of the word: telling their stories, nominating them for awards, accolades, and promotions, and cultivating an inclusive workplace where women thrive both personally and professionally. What are your top tips for women on the journey to the top? My biggest piece of advice is to surround yourself with people who support you for exactly who you are and will challenge you to think differently. Don’t let naysayers or negative people into your life; build a community that supports your personal and professional passions. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I think it’s paramount to ask for what you want. That promotion? Build a convincing case for why you deserve it — and then go for it. Additionally, I’ve included my nine leadership principles – each of which I believe has value for all leaders striving for professional success. My Leadership Success Principles: Go the extra mile Make the extra, special efforts to support your people and serve your clients. Pay it Forward Develop and nurture relationships. Connect with those who might want to learn from you and help others achieve their priorities. Have a bias for bold action This is how you learn and grow. You won’t regret making bold decisions. Lead with Self—awareness Take ownership of your life, your career, and your actions by taking responsibility. Always ask, ‘what could I have done better? Just Ask. “No” is not fatal. Communicate all the time. Develop your own views and confidence in asking for what you want. Lead with Integrity. Do the right thing for the right reasons even when it’s not easy or popular. Surround yourself with great people that have similar visions but different experiences and backgrounds. Be resilient. Resiliency is key, because change is certain. When you focus on identifying patterns and trends, you can learn to be comfortable in uncharted territory – then use your skill for identification to optimize your team and business. Be persistent. Don’t take setbacks personally – and don’t be afraid to laugh. Fix your mistakes and move on. Build new skills and make the most of opportunities. Embrace the act of being a lifelong learner. If you are perpetually curious, your colleagues will take note. 27 www. ceotodaymagazine . com USA

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