CEO Today - Business Women Awards 2022

ABOUT SAMIA BOUAZZA Samia Bouazza is CEO and Managing Director of Multiply Group, ensuring the Group’s strategic development, a growing investment portfolio of high-return businesses and maintaining sustainable growth within the Group’s subsidiaries. Committed to maximizing shareholder returns, innovation and acquisitions, Samia’s focus is on balancing investments in disruptive solutions with steady companies which generate recurring income. Previously, Samia founded Multiply Marketing Consultancy (MMC) and grew it, organically and inorganically, into one of the largest marketing companies in the Emirate. Samia also serves as a board member to several global and local companies. FIRMPROFILE We are an Abu Dhabi-based tech-focused holding company with global presence across five industries, including media and communications, utilities, ventures, wellness and beauty, and digital economy. Our diversified portfolio strikes a balance between steady companies that generate recurring income and high-growth businesses. We have adopted a bold investment strategy, executing six domestic and foreign investment deals in 2021 alone, and this is just the start. We are well-capitalized and have a pipeline of global acquisitions lined up, with the potential for above-average growth in industries we understand. Our obsession with growth is at the roots of our Group’s expansion. We aim to constantly empower our subsidiaries with capital, technology and opportunities available within our vast network for them to acquire or create innovative solutions, gain operational excellence and become leaders in their industries. Major shareholders of Multiply Group include International Holding Company (IHC), one of the fastest growing and most valuable companies in the UAE. OUR STORY We started out as Multiply Marketing Consultancy (MMC) which grew by over 400x organically and a further 24x inorganically to become a leading communications agency in Abu Dhabi. In 2020, we were acquired by IHC, one of the largest and most valuable companies in the UAE; we merged our marketing operations and transformed into Multiply Group, a global tech-focused holding company. Driven by our obsession with growth and following the acquisition by IHC, we sought funds to implement our diversification strategy, growing a portfolio of businesses across industries which we understand. This increased our exposure to both high-growth companies, with a particular focus on wellness, media and digital solutions, and steady companies which generate recurring income, such as utilities and automotive. Having adopted a bold and long-term plan focused on acquisitions, asset reorganization and other investments in wellness, advertising, media and utilities, we have achieved a current valuation of 8-10 billion dirhams. 41 www. ceotodaymagazine . com UAE CEO Today Bus i ne ss Women Awa rds 202 2 Samia Bouazza CEO & Manag ing Di re c tor Mul t iply Group

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