CEO Today - Business Women Awards 2022

EXECUTIVE COACHING 45 of themselves. Learning to lead with a neutral style and leveraging a positive approach allows the leader to deal with challenges more effectively. Coaching can help them transform their behaviour and become a leader who is respected vs. feared. When I coach a client who works for a leader who is struggling, I want them to think about what could be happening for this leader and why they are showing up in a negative way. For example, Covid created many ambiguous situations with no playbook to follow. Leaders who couldn’t operate in this environment reacted in negative ways. Having compassion for their manager can help the leader look at the situation differently and move out of frustration. I coach clients in this situation on ways to bring back their own confidence, how to advocate for themselves, and show their value so they can succeed without relying on their manager. Leaders will always face challenges, but it’s how they react to them that makes the difference in their success or failure. To remain competitive in business, transformations are necessary. Viewing these situations from a neutral perspective allows leaders to see options, make better decisions and be more present with their team. There is no need to feel like an impostor anymore. Ask for the help you need to move past any resistance. Breakthrough your fears, stand in your own power and become the authentic leader you were meant to be. The world needs leaders who can influence change and make an impact. Step out of your comfort zone and be that leader. Email:

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