CEO Today - Business Women Awards 2023

- 26 - I learned very quickly that just because you get asked to bid on a job, it doesn’t make the process easier or automatic. Women and Minority Business Enterprises (WMBE) need to work just as hard, if not harder, to gain, maintain and renew contracts. We need to exceed expectations to overcome long-held stereotypes. Can you speak to any challenges you faced as a woman in such a heavily male-dominated industry and how you overcame them? Simple answer? Endless hard work. I believe I paved the way through hard work and ensuring reliable, dependable results. When people expect you to be a certain way, you break their misconceptions through action. At AGT Global we deliver honest, reliable results. We have 24/7/365 human-to-human service. Our clients can talk to a person if issues arise. This is how we out-service our bigger competitors. We understand our clients’ needs, from planning and execution to delivery and reporting. Repeating this process with top results is how we continue setting the bar. It’s also why our clients stick with us. How do you approach leadership, and what leadership qualities are important for success as a female CEO in the logistics industry? Leadership qualities important to me are being consistent, compassionate and willing to take on any task. When your team members see that you are not afraid to be in the grind, they will work harder. How does AGT prioritize work-life balance and support the needs of working mothers or caregivers on the team? We are constantly adjusting and reviewing our policies and procedures. We think family is important to all our team members. It’s sometimes tricky offering 24/7/365 person-toperson service, but we strive to give the teams flexibility in their schedules to allow more time for themselves and their families. How do you balance the demands of leading a company with other personal or family obligations you might have? Well, there is a standing joke that I don’t sleep very much. But on a serious note, I surround myself with a great team. They afford me the opportunity to spread myself out. Without my group, AGT wouldn’t be as strong as it is. I credit the many great people from the past and present who have helped me and AGT reach the success it has today. Which notable achievements or milestones are you particularly proud of as the CEO? The continued growth of AGT and our team makes me proud. All the achievements that AGT and I have had are a true reflection of the dedication, hard work and loyalty of my employees and my family. How do you approach decision-making and problem-solving as a leader, and how has this evolved over time? I weigh the pros and cons before making any major decisions. I consult with the team leaders and my husband, George, who is also a successful business owner. This past year I became a member of Vistage, an executive group that allows me the opportunity to sit with other CEOs. It gives me the chance to continuously educate myself and make decisions that will hopefully increase the longevity of AGT’s success. What advice would you give to other women who are aspiring to become CEOs or leaders in the logistics industry or, more broadly, starting their own business? Don’t overthink it. If you have the drive and the motivation, you can achieve anything. Everything good comes with risks. As Muhammed Ali said, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” Another quote to which I subscribe is, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” Looking ahead, how do you envision the role of women in the logistics industry evolving, and what steps can companies take to support their advancement and success? I think the role of women in logistics is already evolving. I would tell anyone to make sure they find their niche. Identify what you want to do and what you feel is your greatest strength, and push forward with everything you’ve got. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and you will find there are plenty of people willing to help. USA

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