CEO Today - Business Women Awards 2022

ABOUT DOHA ABDELKHALEQ Entrepreneur: ESKADENIA Software; Co-founder & Executive Partner since establishment in 2000; Head of Legal Affairs; People & Culture. Previously the Regional Director for legal Affairs at ERICSSON office in Beirut and a legal counsel in Beijing, Shanghai and Stockholm. Attained a Jordan Bar Association license 1988. Attended a wide range of training courses including HK School of government executive training, Netherland, Uppsala University within People and culture, Information communication technology, ICT, Insurance, E-commerce, Labor, Arbitration & public sector organizational development. In 2015 Mrs Abdelkhaleq was voted as one of the Most 10 Powerful Women in Jordan, and served at the first board of Trustees at “The Crown Prince Foundation”. FIRMPROFILE The ESKADENIA Story In July of 2000, Nael & Doha Salah together with a group of telecommunications and IT professionals decided to come together to create answers for a continuously changing market. Their objective was to establish a world-renowned software development company providing distinguished software systems. Thus, ESKADENIA Software was created. Thanks to the dedication of a strong and committed team, ESKADENIA was able to flourish as a leading software company with customers around the world, targeting controlled expansion in Europe, the Middle East, America and Africa. Utilizing a wide contact network and diverse international experiences, ESKADENIA Software has grown to be a regional market leader in a short period. Their dedication towards enriching their product offerings and advanced software innovations according to market demands has allowed them to fulfil their commitments and customer care, no matter the industry. ESKADENIA Today ESKADENIA Software is headquartered in Amman, Jordan, with offices and customers inAsia, Europe andAfrica. Today, ESKADENIA Software consists of around 300 professionals with diverse industry backgrounds, with most of the ESKADENIA team, around 85%, actively working in research and development. ESKADENIA Software, a holder of the CMMI Level 5 certification, provides top-quality software in the fields of Telecommunications, Insurance, Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, and Internet. The company is committed to continuously enriching its product offerings and creating advanced software products according to market demands. It maintains this commitment by continually investing in research, development and customer care. With offices located in Jordan, UAE and Sweden, ESKADENIA is gradually expanding its influence, becoming a top contender within the software development industry. 39 www. ceotodaymagazine . com Jordan CEO Today Bus i ne ss Women Awa rds 202 2 Doha Abdelkhaleq Co -Founde r and Exe cut ive Par tne r ESKADENIA Sof tware

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